suzuki violin lessons

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was a Japanese violinist and pedagogue. He launched his "mother-tongue" method in Japan in the 1940's after he observed that children everywhere learn their native language by listening to and imitating their parents.

The Suzuki method is known as Talent Education. It is based on the principle that musical talent is not inborn and that any child can develop great musical ability in very small increments. By repeating small practice points, the child can easily master new skills, while building confidence and self-esteem.

The basic tenets of the Suzuki method's success are:

  • Begin musical study as early as age 3.
  • Practice with a parent as the home teacher.
  • Progress in small manageable steps, based on the child's ability.
  • Listen to music recordings every day. This develops the child's capacity to learn to play by ear.
  • Participate in both individual and group lessons.
  • Build self-esteem and empathy for others by learning in a supportive, fun environment.

At Angel Mountain Strings students receive weekly individual lessons and a monthly group class. During the school year, students participate in two solo recitals, a full-day workshop with master teachers, and group performance opportunities in the community.

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